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2021+ Fox Float 38 NA2 Air Shaft Assembly

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If you're looking to either increase or decrease the travel of your 2021/2022/2023 Fox Float 38 fork, simply purchase this air shaft and install it into your fork.

  • Includes brand new air shaft seals pre-installed
  • Includes new snap ring, foot nut and crush washer
  • Compatible with all models of the Fox 38, including the Fox 38 E-Tuned
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Fox 38 Air Shaft FAQ

Which models of Fox 38 forks does this air shaft fit?

This Fox 38 Air Shaft Assembly fits all models of Fox 38. It is also compatible with the Fox 38 E-Tuned models.

How do I properly install and lubricate this air shaft in my Fox 38?

Below is the installation procedure we follow in our shop:

  • REMOVE THE AIR, remove the lower legs, and remove the current air spring.
  • Clean the inside of the air-side stanchion and lower legs like you normally would during a fork service.
  • The new air shaft's seals are not lubricated from the factory, and there will be enough stiction in the seals to stop you from compressing the new air shaft by hand.
  • Hold the air shaft upright by the upper tube, pour 3cc's of Fox 20wt Gold Oil into the upper tube to lubricate the top of the inner piston, lightly apply the same oil to the lower seal where the lower shaft inserts into the upper tube, and then smack the bottom of the air shaft on a soft rag on top of a firm bench top to break the initial stiction.
  • Next, pull the lower shaft away from the upper tube and hold it fully extended for about 10 seconds so the oil can drizzle down into the piston. Then, slowly move the shaft inward and outward between being 100% extended and 90% extended to allow both chambers to equalize. You may hear air hissing during this equalization process which is normal.
  • Lightly lubricate the outer portion of the upper tube's upper and lower seals with Fox 20wt Gold Oil. This is to ensure smooth insertion into the fork stanchion.
  • Depress the air valve (or remove the upper air cap) and carefully insert the air shaft assembly into the stanchion.
  • You may feel a tight spot around 80% of the insertion. If so, back out the shaft to around 50% insertion, and then push quickly and firmly in one swift motion to fully insert the shaft.
  • Install the new snap ring and reassemble the fork as you usually would during a normal fork service.


Will I need a new damper that matches the same length of travel as the new air shaft?

You do not need to pay any attention to your damper because the damper will just extend to accomodate for the increased travel, or compress to accomodate for the decreased travel. Yes, you can even decrease your 180mm Fox 38 all the way down to 150mm and your damper will simply compress to the new travel without any negative effects. Any Fox 38 GRIP or GRIP2 damper has a maximum travel of 180mm, and since 180mm is the longest air shaft they make for this chassis, there is no way to run into compatibility issues with the damper or air shaft lengths.


What is included with this air shaft?

The 2021+ Fox Float 38 NA2 Air Shaft Assembly includes an entirely new new air shaft assembly, a new foot nut, a new crush washer, and all accompanying seals pre-installed. The air shaft is available in multiple travel options for you to choose from.

What supplies and accessories do I need to install the new air shaft in a Fox 38?

Besides the air shaft, you would need all of the supplies required to do a lower leg service. You would need the following parts to do that yourself:

  1. Fox 20wt Gold Oil for the air-side lower leg bath,
  2. Fox 5wt PTFE Oil for the damper-side lower leg bath
  3. Slickoleum to lubricate the dust wipers
  4. Syringe to get the oil in the fork
  5. Fox Damper-Side Crush Washer to finish installation. The new air shaft includes a brand new crush washer, so there is no need to purchase one separately.

We also recommend replacing your lower leg dust wiper seals while the fork is taken apart if the current dust wipers have about 75 hours or more of riding on them:
  1. Fox 38 Dust Wiper Kit (includes a crush washer for damper side, so you wouldn't need to order one separately)
  2. Fox 38mm Seal Driver is required to install the new dust wipers