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RockShox is a developer and manufacturer of premiere mountain bike suspension forks, shocks, and dropper posts. Backed by SRAM, their elite product line helps mountain bikers, from racers to weekend riders, around the World find a spot on the podium and keep a smile on their face.

Their forks, including the SiD, Pike, Lyrik, ZEB, and Domain, are all suspension forks specifically designed for certain disciplines. With the introduction of the ZEB, came 38mm stanchions and increased stiffness in all the right places. They were was able to build a beefy fork, with out sacrificing the ability to pedal well. The ZEB Ultimate is the top tier fork with the Charger 3 RC2 damper and the most recent DebonAir+ Airspring. The Lyrik, with 36mm stanchions, is their "quiver killer" fork. Equipped with The Charger 2 RC2 damper, DebonAir Airspring and SKF wipers and seals makes the Lyrik a highly adjustable fork for most mountain bikers.

The RockShox Super Deluxe Ultimate is a shock directed at trail and enduro mountain bikers. The Super Deluxe is an easy to set up and versatile rear shock with adjustable compression and rebound to fine tune to your riding style. The rear shock offering from RockShox is easier to tune and less expensive than comparable options. In turn, you are able to tune your bike's suspension curve and increase small bump sensitivity. The Super Deluxe Ultimate Coil for the mountain bikers who prefer a their rear shock to be coil sprung.

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